Our vision is to see a church made up of people from many different backgrounds and nationalities, united with a desire to worship God and love one another, impacting London and the world with the presence and power of God.
We want to develop Spirit-Filled Growth:
  • Releasing people into their gifts and calling
  • Building Relationships
  • Effective Teaching and Preaching
  • Good Stewardship
  • Spirit of Excellence
  • Development of integral and competent Leadership


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Ruach City Complex

We have a vision to build a Ruach City Complex to include the following:
  • A sports arena to seat 10,000 people
  • An Academy (Secondary School)
  • Ruach City Bible Institute
  • Education Centre for mature students
  • A Rehabilitation Centre, providing accommodation and a Drop-In Centre
  • Media-Centre for our TV and 24-hour Christian Radio Station
  • A Supermarket to provide employment for those who are considered unemployable by the community e.g. Ex-offenders, etc.
  • Senior Citizen Home and Club
  • To advise and encourage partners starting small businesses through our business forum
  • To establish and empower upcoming, like minded ministries all over the world